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Calling all open-minded legal professionals!

Improve your 21st century skills with best practices from innovation and agile processes. Use my know-how to help you, your law firm or legal department generate effective human-centered digital solutions that drive business value and new busines models.

As a trailblazer for using design processes within the legal field (since 2017), Design Thinking facilitator, professional cultural change coach, educator and book author, I am proud of my expertise and impact in the dynamic legal sector.

As a certified coach, I can help reduce resistance to change and act as a potential maximizer for beneficial ways of teaming, communicating and upskilling digital capacities.

Start your journey toward more holistic New Legal Work. Together we can boost awareness, identify pain points, dig deeper with creative methods to find and test actionable answers. Isn’t it time?

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All coaching, consulting and workshops are also offered remote.

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New! Join me for Webinars and Lunch and Learn events ONLINE

Thrilled to collaborate and moderate with experts in the digital, legal tech and business project management sector. We’ll combine interactive formats with information and fun. Always with content-rich take-aways that you can use in your work.

Visorian and Legal Design Change Webinars
Visorian and Legal Design Change Webinars

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  • Webinar part 1, registration via link,

    How to approach and digitalize contract design. Design Thinking and LPM can lead to innovative ways of working. How/Why laddering. New approach to understanding problem solving.

  • Webinar part 2, registration via above link,

    How to approach and digitalize contract design. Design Thinking and LPM can lead to innovative ways of working. User-centered focus. User-research with interviews.

  • Congress online, Miro, Zoom and Legal Live platform

    Karla offers 1:1 coaching and live legal Design workshops at the 3-day event

  • Webinar part 3, registration via link,

    How to approach and digitalize contract design. Design Thinking and LPM can lead to innovative ways of working. Identify legal stakeholders and prioritize.

  • Webinar part 4, registration via link,

    How to approach and digitalize contract design. How Design Thinking and LPM can lead to innovative ways of working. Affinity Mapping, group and assess for solutions steps.

Want to get some legal dynamics going? Read our book!

Karla Schlaepfer M.A. is co-author of the Schäffer-Poeschel non-fiction reference book on Cultural Shifts, Transformation and how to integrate digitalization processes into human-centered working.

Karla Schlaepfer and Martin Welz create a compelling case for New Work models in our continually changing digital world. In their book, they outline the steps required to change the way we work in the 21st century. Their model of New Work focuses on why a shift to human-centered values in the workplace is key to enabling innovation. They outline how to carry out this innovation shift with mental models, agile best practices and the creation of high preforming teams. The authors have conducted interviews in Silicon Valley, at IDEO, Stanford, and with top business people in Germany and Switzerland. The results are presented in a highly visual, informative format with practical tips on skill development and go-to advice in an extensive reference section.

Visit our five-star book website: Das dynamische Unternehmen Wie Wertewandel, Innovation und Digitalisierung zum Erfolg führen.

Buch-Cover „Das dynamische Unternehmen“

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Articles on New Work collaboration, Remote Legal Teams, Cultural and Agile Shifts with Design Thinking, Legal Tech Keynote and interviews. My interviews and articles combine systematic agile methods with how-tos for holistic cultural change in the legal field.

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Do you want to create the right conditions for thriving people cultures?

Take a step back and start to see legal tech issues differently!

Use agile Best Practices to assess, prioritize and focus on the right solution for you.

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Helping you succeed – selected Testimonials

Philipp von Bülow, Legal Tech Entrepreneur, Participant Design Thinking for Legals Workshop Legal ®Evolution Expo & Congress
“I really appreciated the Design Thinking workshop and learned a lot. It was great to experience the complete workflow of Design Thinking and even have a really solid prototype at the end. I would definitely recommend this Design Thinking workshop to others.”
Baltasar Cevc, Lawyer, IT Expert
“It is a pleasure to work with Karla and experience our exchange from very different yet understandable perspectives. I look forward to working with you and learning from your experience in Design Thinking – it's always good to work with people with broad experience and a positive mindset!”
Dr. Michael Faatz, LL.M., Legal Counsel
“Thank you, Karla. I liked your workshops because you made them very lively by alternating between lecture and active exercises with the participants. I particularly liked your approach of using your working methods to try to get the quiet people in a group more involved and not just the 'extroverts”. That's very important in teamwork and all too often comes up to short in everyday office life.”
Amada Maria Arley Orduna, Dr. ODR and AI, Consumer Protection in North America and Latin America
“Simply wonderful! I learned a great technique! I can apply this Google Design Sprint tool to work with interdisciplinary teams to develop platforms in the legal field and design online platforms for dispute resolution using artificial intelligence. From Mexico to Germany, I have been looking for this tool. Many thanks to Karla Schlaepfer for your great generosity.”
Jörg Overbeck COO at Oppenhoff & Partner Attorneys at Law
“Thank you Karla for the inspiring workshop!”
Dr. Jörn Hülsemann, attorney at law, specialist attorney for labor law
“Thank you again for your successful event at Co-Working Space Zedita on Friday. It was an interesting experience to apply the Design Thinking method to legal issues.”
Philipp M. Kühn, Attorney at Law, Senior Associate, Ebner Stolz, Cologne
“I met Karla for the first time at a Legal Tech Meet Up and was immediately impressed by her winning manner and the passionate energy she has for all topics related to Legal Design and Legal Design Sprint. Since I had already dealt with this topic before, we had an intensive conversation and I spontaneously decided to attend your workshop "Design Sprint for Legals" at the LEGAL ®EVOLUTION in Frankfurt. There I was able to gather many exciting ideas and new perspectives that guide me again and again in my daily work. Karla is not only very well versed in her field, but can also draw on her extensive experience and coaching work with people in an open and cordial manner. It was really fun.”

Karla is a certified Design Sprint facilitator. Read more about Design Sprints and amazing outcomes.

Offer: Design Thinking

Score with Best Practices from agile Design Thinking!

Use a synthesis between the tried and true and the necessary new!

There are more similarities to “legal thinking” and Design Thinking than meets the eye.

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Offer: Coaching


Coaching for Legal Leaders and Partners

Focus on what matters to equip yourself to lead with resilience and empathy.

New leadership and strategic soft skills for our New Work digital age.

Why work with me a Professional Systemic Coach?

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Offer: Agile Workshops

Agile Workshops – Adaptability is a key to success!

Find out more about how to enable agile Teams with training, coaching and a digital mindset shift.

Get high-impact tools for teams to align around common goals, gain team buy-in, build trust, reduce risks and deliver concrete results on your projects.

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Example Agile Case Study 2020

The Bonn University administration begins an exciting agile transformation.

Find out about their experimental journey.

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Book Your Individual Digital Tech Lounge

Color me stoked! Excited to work with the digital and legal tech experts at Unterschied und Macher! We’re collaborating and have created an exciting microlearning format for law firms on subjects covering digitalization and cultural change. Have a look!

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Here is what you as an open-minded Legal Professional might want to consider.

The breaking points; look at current disruptive challenges for all legal game changers.

Which issues and questions have high business value and need to be tackled now?

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