Glimpse of our Miro Workshop board 23.03.21

“Thank you very much for the valuable insight into this exciting topic” 🙌🏼

Feedback from our premiere session today at #LegalLive! Thanks to our participants for their active engagement and bold contributions 🤩

Our 1. Agile Legal Work Hacks: mini-workshop title:

➡“Enable a Growth Mindset with Design Thinking”

Agile Design Thinking can help overcome yesterday’s thinking and trigger transformation. We show in our workshop how to quickly align teams, do some user-research using Design Thinking tools. We then uncover and map possible outcomes in the “How might we” question format.

Our Workshop Outcomes:

😁 Awareness of Design Thinking

💪🏼Taste of User-Research

✨Taste of How Might We’s (HMW)

👍🏼Key Idea of Growth Mindset

Can’t wait for our session tomorrow, Agile Legal Work Hacks – “Power your decision making in a legal work Sprint”. :00 h #Legal Live. Together with my awesome co-moderator Nils Schekorr


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